Steven D. Kaufman

The Stanford Experiment

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Imprisonment. Abandoment. Guilt. What if you were forced to relive your worst personal horror--one that you've supressed for decades? What if you stumbled across clues to a mystery that threatened everything you had--including your family? Would you walk away? Or would you risk everything to bring out the truth?

These are some of the questions that Jake Bernstein must answer in the thriller The Stanford Experiment. Stung by a divorce and locked in a custody battle, Jake is in the middle of another mind-numbing activity: starting his own company. On the precipice of launching his product, he is suddenly and unceremoniously kicked out of the factory that was supposed to build it. Accusations fly as months of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars are in jeopardy. As the situation degenerates around him, unwanted characters from his past begin to emerge--including his most hated nemesis, Walter Keel, now a world-renowned humanitarian. Desperate, Jake searches for a way out of the crisis and in the process, trips over disturbing information about these people's business dealings. As he looks deeper, he finds himself in a tortuous and deadly confrontation between the need to solve the mystery and his own dark past. Will he find redemption for what he did--or be destroyed by it?

The Stanford Experiment uses a fictionalized version of the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) as the backdrop for Jake's troubling investigations. In the book, as with the notorious, real-life SPE, a fake prison becomes all too real when students lose themselves in their roles as prisoners and guards. With the Abu Gharib prison scandal still on the mind of many Americans, this fast-paced novel provides a powerful fictional account of one man's attempt at deliverance for himself and his family.